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We moved to Gramercy Park of Eagan Cooperative in 2014 to be closer to our granddaughters. Our decision has proven to be a good one. We not only are close by to family and all the benefits that offers, we have become members of a warm and welcoming community here at Gramercy. It truly is a “community of neighbors” in which we live and participate. We are grateful for the openness, friendship, and kindness that we have found in the people who make Gramercy Eagan their home. And now we can proudly say it is our home as well. - Rick and Vicki L.

Moving into Gramercy Park of Eagan almost three years ago, I know that I have seldom been happier or more content. My main reason for moving was to have one-level living. I'd had some injuries  that compromised mobility in my split-level townhouse. With my unit on one level and elevator or stairs to access the entire building; it enhances my daily life and activities. - Barb S.

I love living in Gramercy Park of Eagan. When you walk in the front door the openness lends itself to the friendliness of the building. This friendliness is abundant in our building. There are many activities to participate in. I also appreciate the easy and safe living that Gramercy affords me. - Shirl A.

Joanne M.Living at Gramercy Park of Eagan is easy living. We are in the heart of the city and close to everything. I enjoy reading and we have a wonderful library with a lot of choices and up-to-date books. On nice days I can walk up to a local park, and when the weather is not nice I enjoy the use of our fitness center where I can get a good work out. We have a lot of activities in house along with special dinners and entertainment which I always enjoy.

Perhaps the best thing about living here are the members. They are friendly, smart and a whole lot of fun and there is always someone there for you when you need them. The first time I walked into our beautiful lobby several people I did not know said hello and welcomed me. I knew right away this would be my new home. - Joanne M.


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